12 Nov 2009

First attempt using the Windows Live Writer


I’ve updated my Windows Live and together with the Windows Live package, there is this Windows Live Writer (WLW) ; developed by the Microsoft which supposed to be useful for bloggers to update their blog. I don’t really know how it’ll help, so I’m giving it a try. Lets see if it’s useful or not. Or maybe i might be late that everyone else have been using it? Cause i know I’m always late in the online stuffs. Haha but, nvm there’s always the first for anything :P
the screenshot

WLW supports most of blogging site including Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint blogs, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Wordpress etc.
So, this is my first post using the WLW. =)

nurin collage
Ok. I like the photo uploader  and editor. It has a lot of function (tilt, rotate, border, crop & more effects) and it’s seriously easy to use. You can easily add the watermark on the photos too.

Ok. This photo album thing is even coooolllleerr! Haha~


The preview thing is not bad either. better than the preview provided by Blogger one.

Oh and if u have more than one blog, like me hehe you can add all in the WLW editor and can simply choose which of it that u want to publish a post. Nice isn't it?

Most of us use different theme/template for our blog(s). The WLW can easily be used even for different blogs because you can update each of it with your local blog theme/template through WLW respectively.

Labelling is also easy to be done. Just choose in each categories your post is categorized, auto-updated with the labels in your blog as well.

Retrieving older post for editing also is super easy.

Hurm..What else can i do with this?

I’ll check and play with it more later. :D

I’m starting to like it. haha Didn’t i just said i like the new Blogger updated editor? I like this WLW more!

p/s: I can breath again... =)

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