24 Nov 2009

Jalan jalan lagi Yayyyyy!!!


Yayyy finally can update the blog with something after  a few attempts to update but totally out of idea. Went out with my not-so-little brothers Sally, Hadi & Nik on Friday but there is not even a single pict taken. Went to queensbay and had Kenny Rogers, had satay ikan (like the one kita makan time2 balik skola dulu tu), went to Feringhi Night Market and layan budak2 tu nak naik trishaw sebab x penah naik, then had Sup Hameed  and McDonald’s for desert. All in all what we did was eat and eat and eat. :D

And on Sunday i went out to Penang for some jalan-jalan activities. Went out early in the morning so I could start my day with the marvellous McDonald’s hotcake with sausage for breakfast. Yummy!!  DSC05222

Then went straight away to Penang and headed to the Lorong Kulit flea market. Oh btw, the bridge was opened at 10 a.m after the Penang Bridge marathon which started at 3.30am earlier that day.

I like going to the Lorong Kulit flea market as to see a lot of antique stuffs there. You can find almost everything there – old records, used books, shoes, clothes, bags, electrical stuffs, fruits etc.

Next spot – Penang Aquarium formerly known as the Fisheries Department Research Institute, Batu Maung. So unfortunately for me, the aquarium was closed for renovation :( but we can still see some fishes and turtles and starfish at the open pond area & the auditorium.

2009_11_22_40562009_11_22_3937 2009_11_22_3948

beautiful isn’t it?

2009_11_22_3955 2009_11_22_3952

And there are turtlesss!!!! The baby turtles are separated in the different pond from the bigger size ones. OMG they are so cute i feel like taking them out and kidnap and replace the blue tortoise in the car with them !!!!! hahaha


Cute little baby turtle2009_11_22_3965 

The bigger size


yes i’m feeding the turtle with kangkung! it has sharp teeth ok. and FYI turtles bite! just like edward. lalala~


This turtle’s leg was amputed, but dont know why. That’s why it doesn’t swim around like the others and doesn’t even want to eat  :(



Inside the open auditorium. u may think these fishes are small. but they are actually huuugggeeeee!


The koi pond2009_11_22_4009  

And then i went to the Wat Chayamangkalaram, Lorong Burma. It is a Siamese temple which was officially given its site by Queen Victoria in 1845. It was presented by Mr. W.L. Butterworth of the East India Company of Penang on July 22, 1845. 2009_11_22_40842009_11_22_4082

And why would I want to come here?

To see the 180-foot gold-plated statue of the reclining Buddha, the Pra Buddhachaiya Mongkul. The reclining Buddha represents Pra Buddhachaiya Mongkul, the historical Buddha, at his death. This symbolizes complete peace and detachment from the world. The Pra Buddhachauya Mongkul is one of the largest reclining Buddha in the world.2009_11_22_4064

I soooo do need a wide angle lens to capture this,ok! Anyone want to buy for me? ;p2009_11_22_40652009_11_22_40732009_11_22_4071

I like the ceiling so much it’s pretty and the colour is nice


the wall

A friend asked me why did i go inside a temple. Is it ok? Is it against the Islamic law? Well I am not good in Islamic law nor I can tell you what is right and wrong. All I can say is it depends on each individual. It’s not that I was going to pray or what.

Plus, didn’t Saidina Umar paid a visit to the Holy Sepulcher Church, the most important Christian monument of Jerusalem?

And  didn’t Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi pray in a church after they won the Crusade war?

Then again, it’s totally up to you, yourself.

Ok, itu selingan je ok. ;)

Lets proceed.

I would name my Sunday as a McDonalds day. Because I had McDonalds again for late lunch!! weeeeeee!!!!!! The Prosperity Burger ya’ll!!! Urgghh tempting tempting! Damn I’m starving now. Haha


And then, to Pesta Penang!

Pesta Penang 2009 started on the 21st November until 31st December. But I think it was not as crowded as years before. Maybe because of the raining season?

So that is how my Sunday went. I’m so gonna find other places in Penang that I should go.

Oh I know. here go the list:

  • Tropical Fruit Farm, Teluk Bahang
  • Peranakan Museum
  • Penang Aquarium (revisitn - sape suruh dia nak renovate2)
  • Kerachut Beach (turtle! turtle! turtle!)

(might as well be a long list after Googling ;p)

Hahaha suka suka je nak jalan tapi nak masuk lab sangat malas nak tulis paper sgt malas juga :p

New Moon is coming out in 2 days time!! I can’t wait it makes me crazy! Come to me, Edward. hahaha

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