5 Nov 2009

Sally, this is for you :P

I'm now in the train on my way back home. Live blogging through Blogger (i set my flickr live blog for another blog :p).
Oh, btw this pict was taken during my chat session with Sally earlier today. He asked me to miss him,but do not manje2 with him (??). So now i'm in d train. So I guess I need to start missing him ey? Haha see I do live blog as a tribte for u. Sila bangga k! :P
Dah la tgh sentaP ni xmo teman makan petan td :'( sampai hati..

Mane ntah pacik KTM ni xdtg2 check tikcket. Nak tidooo...huhu


P/s: I miss you even more...

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