20 Nov 2009

In the lab

I wanted to update the blog last night but I don't hve any idea what to write.
I'm currently in the lab doing the rheometer test for my 5th series of compounds and i'm getting bored. I read 'The Physics of Rubber Elasticity' by Trealor while waiting for my samples.Done with page 1 to 15. a great start,Juls! Hehe
I wish to read it page by page,and by heart. ;) if I can finish many novels,why can't I do the same with this rubber book,right? Hehe

Btw I'm live blogging,again! Haha Not enough with facebook & twitter mobile now i'm mobile blogging. Well,we must appreciate technology, don't we?

K.gtg continue reading. And look after d samples,too.

Hope by tonight, I get something to write about. Daa..

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