10 Nov 2009

GEMS big bang carnival


last week i was at home, again! it was totally unplanned. days before my cousin Along a.k.a Nida called and asked if i wanna join her to open a booth for the GEMS Big Bang Carnival. Both of us own a blogshop. i knew about the carnival through the lovely Hanis Zalikha's and her sister Liana Ezzana's blogs. 
So due to no-plan-for-the-weekend plus the i-might-be-boring-lepaking-at-room-on-the-weekend, i told Along that i would be back and join her. I might as well do the clearance stock sale for my blogshop items.

So the GEMS Big Bang Carnival was held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa from 9am to 6pm. It was held by the GEMS participant, Liana Ezzana was one of the organizer. She was so gracious to work with.

me, at our booth

What else were there at the Big Bang Carnival???

Vespa show

Aiskrim Malaysia by Monster Jambu

Special appearance by Maya Karin

besides booths there were also
muslimah fashion show
blood donation
etc etc etc

I soooo wanna thanks mum for dropping by Taman Tasik Titiwangsa later that evening after went for a wedding in Keramat. She came with cousin Diba, Effa and my aunty to show us support :)

and my girlfriend Baiti came after went for a wedding also. haishh why la so many wedding~

and while lepaking at our booth, chit chatting, suddenly Liana came with a lovely lady and said.. "Hi, ni adik saya. kenal kan?" Bloggers must've known this lovely lady sekali pandang je.
Fewiiitttt Hanis Zalikha was there wehhh. depan mata. she's sooooo beautiful in person. she's look exactly like she is in the pictures. Kalau letak ShahRukh Khan depan mata pon i x pandang kot. :p
She was there to support her sister, her mother Nani Rostam who open a booth selling cookies & cakes for hantaran and her little siblings, the Monster Jambu owners.

sila jeles ye kawan kawan ;p

at around 545pm we were ready to pack as the carnival would end at 6pm. then i saw Hanis came to our booth, again! She looked at the second hand novels i was letting go (due to x cukup tempat nak place my new books. oh, no i didn't let go any of Sheldon's) and she bought two of them!!! My novels are now Hanis'. :D :D

Some of the second hand novels

And dengan hati yang riang ria sebab jumpa si manis Hanis Zalikha (baru jumpa Hanis, kalau la yang dtg tu Adam ke Zahiril Adzim ker..mesti sampai pengsan kot :p) kami pun pulang ke rumah.

It was indeed a great day. I gained experience selling my items at an open booth, at an open carnival like this. Thanks Along for asking me to join.

Souvenir from the organizer

Bile tengah bosannnnnnn

Being vain is my total expert ;p

Oh, btw....there was a scene..
"hi..budak USM kan? kampus kejuruteraan?"
"er..yup. do i know u? USM jugak?"
"a'aa.. school Bahan kan?"
"errr..yup. kita sama batch ker?"
"sama. school EE. sama dengan Nine semua"
"ohhh..ok. Sory x cam..."
"haha xper" 
bla bla bla~~~

teruk ker saya kalau orang cam saya tp saya x cam orang itu?? dah la dia cam siap tau skool pulak. saya rasa teruk  -_-"

and I met a junior from highschool, Syed Mubashir. Nasib baik dia cam lagi senior dia nih kalau x nak marah dah. hehe

Just now Baiti darling told me she was thinking of interviewing Hanis Zalikha for the personality column in StarMetro. She's still waiting for the reply. Hope Hanis will agree to do it :)

p/s: I need to stop missing you it hurts

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  1. Hello.
    I googled my name..
    (ya mmg memalukan) -_-".
    and I stumbled on gems big bang carnival and my name on the details..teruja lalu klik!
    Baru tahu ada orang tulis entry pasal tu...awwww..and my family's blog banyak mencapap dalam entry you! Terharu.

  2. hello Liana,
    hehe takpe2, even celebrity like JJ HitzFm pun admit that he does google his name ;p
    u've been a great host! u guys deserve the mentions on my blog. :D


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