28 Nov 2009

I am now officially love The Star hahaha



My sunshine will be off and off and off lagi and on night shift when I’m in KL in Dec nanti!! isn’t that super duper duper awesome??!! and Naddy darling will be in KL again starting on the 17th. and it’s school holiday! means Sharmi supposed to be freeeeeee!!! Heaven!! KL. KL. I miss you, KL!!

Thank you The Star. or whoever the person who do the roster thing. haha

Oh btw, like what Naddy said: don’t be excited about Penang yet, Juls, nnt x jadi nnt kecewa. huhu

Anywayss, today is my Mr.Boifren’s 1st birthday!!! Cepatnya rasa masa berlalu kan. hehe.. Thank you Mr.Boifren for being able to bring to wherever i wanna go, utara selatan naik bukit turun bukit. sampai mileage melampau2 tinggi nyer. huhu~  and thanks sebab x buat perangai yang melampau2 stakat ni (and hopefully x kan la yer). cukup la dgn calar balar yang sikit2 tu..sedeyyyyy btol! =(

anyhow Happy 1st Birthday to u!!!!!! u know i love u. xxx

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