26 Ogo 2010

Am I addicted to Twitter?

I registered my Twitter account on 22nd May 2009. At first I don’t tweet much because I don’t really know how to interact with strangers online, after leaving the mIRC world years ago. Some of my earliest twitter friends were Baiti the bestie, Syazaliyana & Miasuraya the juniors, Ekha Shana & An the cousins and some strangers.

As time flies, I come to realize that I’ve been tweeting with the new strangers i met online more than the friends I have in the real world. It seems like they, the Tweeps / Tweeples / Twiends are always there for me whenever I need them.

25168_382681313043_575488043_3799519_199692_nSome of the earliest Twitter friends I met offline during the Foursquare Day

When I was writing my thesis, when I was in the boring-7-hours train journey, when I was waiting for some friends at the coffee shop - they are always there. When I wanted to share my happiness, sadness, good news, bad news, when I was being all emotional, and stressed up because I was tired of reading and writing – they’ve never failed me. Yes, even though I never met most of them in real life.

DSC06726The other bunch of Twitter friends I met during the Youth10

A few weeks ago, I was home and I don’t really tweet much and the laziness to tweet prolonged until a few days after I came back to campus. Then, there were some of my Twitter friends asking where have I been and why don’t I tweet. At first I don’t think it was THAT obvious until I tweet “Is it so obvious that I tweet less lately?” and i received lots of mentions saying yes, it is! How sweet of them to actually realize that I’ve been MIA from the Twitterland. :’)

38199_407445989681_620124681_4666320_3648444_nPicture courtesy of ShamHardy from his Facebook album - “Hari @bubbles182 turun padang bertemu rakyat” (Ada ker patut??)

ShamHardy’s Qik video during the ‘hari bertemu rakyat’

The thing is – why is it so obvious when I tweet less than usual? Am I that addicted to twitter that I tweet a lot that when I suddenly went MIA everyone notice?
I remember B made a joke of me being a Twitter addict. She said that I need to go to a rehab and should go by “Hi, my name is Julia. I’m a Twitter addict.” Haishh. See, girlfriend also made fun of me being addicted to Twitter.

DSC06824B also never failed to be there in Twitter when I needed her, and always accompany me if I’m meeting my tweeps. Thanks, sunshine!

Lemme think. After I woke up everyday, the first thing I do is check my phone for sms, then twitter (if my laptop is off), then switch on the laptop, and open TweetDeck. Everywhere I go, I’ll check my Twitter at least once every hour - even though I’m not tweeting or replying - I’ll check the timeline. And the last thing before I go to bed, I’ll shutdown my laptop, but continue checking Twitter on the phone. Hmmm…

DSC06605Me checking out Twitter while the super-delicious Sup Hameed is waiting right before my eyes! (Photo taken by Sharmi during her visit to Penang)

…I guess I AM addicted to Twitter. :/


Hello everyone. My name is Julia, and I’m a Twitter addict.

Come follow me, @bubbles182 on twitter if you haven’t.

p/s: I love you guys, tweeps!!

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