12 Ogo 2010

Annual break-fasting gathering with girlfriends dilemma

Every year (or at least the last 2-3 years), my girlfriends and I always had at least an Iftar get-together during Ramadhan. It has been like an annual thing for us to do. And every year, I’ve never failed to made it to the Iftar gathering. In fact, I was one of the very excited ones to call/text the others and make plans.

(2008 and 2009 Iftar blog posts)

DSC00612Little Penang Cafe (KLCC), 2008

DSC00629After-Iftar session, A&W (KLCC), 2008

This year, Naddy took the initiative to message us on FB to set the date sooner, since everyone’s going to be busy with works, planning iftar with family members and some with wedding arrangements. And since I am busy struggling with the thesis writing, I can only be back on certain weekends.

8423_133787593043_575488043_2497613_6790456_nFood Republic (Pavilion), 2009

8423_133787683043_575488043_2497629_2166_nAfter-Iftar session, Ministry of Food, MOF (Pavilion), 2009

So after the discussion, they agreed to meet up on the 21st/22nd August, which I most probably won’t be able to make it since I’m going back this weekend (and I bought the return tickets already).

But then Sharmi started making sad face emoticon in the message - then on my FB wall – and followed by some others. I didn’t know what to say, just that I really can’t make it due to some reasons like work stuffs and cost, for sure.

Then Eda started to say thing that made me awed.


(altogether now) Awwwwwwwwwwww~

But B my dear, “the cause of Bringing Julia Home for Ramadhan”?! LOL. Dah macam kempen ape je nih.

But hey, aren’t they the sweetest thing that ever happen to me? :’)

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